Who am I?

It’s a fundamental kind of question, isn’t it. The kind of question you may ask superficially, such as when standing, dumbfounded, in the laundry detergent section of your local superstore and trying to decide, “Which of these laundry detergents expresses who I am as a person? Who am I anyway?” You choose the fruity scent and move on from the question, only to encounter the dilemma later that evening as you lie in bed, contemplating your next big career move, or financial decision, or whether or not your current situation fulfills you to the extent that you would like. “Who am I?” is a question that has an ever-changing answer. Who you are today is not who you will be tomorrow. And who you were yesterday was someone other than the person you are today. Just as with everything else in the universe, you are a constantly growing and changing conglomeration of matter and energy, exchanging your atoms and electrons and molecules with every other conglomeration of mass and energy that exists. “Panta rhei” – everything flows.

So, you ask, who am I? Well, let me show you.